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Welcome to We provide several OpenEmbedded based Linux distributions targeting network attached storage devices. The software aims to be a good replacement for existing vendor and third party solutions with better tuning, more flexibility and less unwanted features. This wiki is used to track issues relating to foonas, manage the development process and document its features.

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Currently under development foonas aims to provide a fully featured operating system for your NAS device including filesharing utilities for Windows, OS X and Linux, iTunes support, multimedia streaming to other devices and much more. Coming 2009-2010. The foonas-em distribution provides OS installation and maintenance utilities separate to the main OS on your NAS device. foonas-em replaces existing stock and third party firmware and may also be TFTP booted or loaded from hard disk. Coming in 2009, foonas-iscsi will provide dedicated iSCSI target firmware for your NAS device allowing you to access the storage on your platform using this popular protocol. As an alternative to iSCSI ATA over ethernet support will also be included.
foonas Platform Support foonas-em Platform Support foonas-iscsi Platform Support
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