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Q: How do I get <your device> supported?

A: Send us the device. Ideally two, one for kernel/platform developers and one for the main test setup used for testing releases. Because foonas releases are tested for all supported platforms we must have one at our disposal for QA.

Q: What is the difference between foonas and foonas-em?

A: foonas is the primary distribution containing all the main features and resides on the hard disk for most platforms. Some devices use a smaller OS in flash, or an initrd stored on a hard disk to perform maintenance operations. We supply open source replacements for these firmware/initrds in the form of foonas-em. Check the platform support page for information on this although as of yet this is beta and currently totally unsupported.

Q: What is the state of foonas/foonas-em/foonas-iscsi for my device?

A: Look on the platform information page for your device. Go to the main page and click on your devices name then read the Platform Support Notes section on that page. Also remember that foonas/foonas-em is currently beta on the most well supported platforms.

Q: How can I get the GPL sources for the foonas distributions?

A: The sources directory in the downloads section holds the bulk of the GPL (and other) sources for the foonas distributions. The rest can be found in subversion at the URL at the bottom of the main page. The sources directory is updated at least quarterly, if you need files before these updates OE can be used from our svn to download the remainder of the sources.