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lsmipsel - Buffalo LinkStation HD-HLAN (mipsel)



WARNING: Failure to flash uboot properly can render your system inoperative. Please do not attempt this procedure unless you are equipped and prepared to repair your device with a JTAG cable or are prepared to live with the consequences.

Obtaining and Installing u-boot

Currently we do not support building u-boot for the MIPSel based HD-HLAN Linkstation. To obtain the source code or a precompiled binary build visit for more information.


Obtaining foonas

Installing foonas

Assuming that you have already set up your partitions and swap, place a copy of the bootstrap-image on a previously setup ext3 filesystem partition 1 (/hda1) with swap on the second partition (/hda2), and while in EM-mode untar the image file with:

$ tar xzvf foonas-bootstrap-image*tar.gz

After this replace the kernel with one that works.

Reboot and login

Reboot and wait for about 1-2 minutes. The initial boot requires a bit more time for ssh and http services to be brought up. Subsequent boots will be much faster.

On any dhcp enabled network, you should be able to connect to your Linkstation via web-browser at http://<ip address of your linkstation> or http://lsppchd.local . Login with these:

username = root
password = hydr0g3n

Using ssh and the same password as above, you can also access your foonas-equipped Linkstation this way:

ssh root@<ip address of your linkstation>