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Status: Alpha

Currently various core features are missing such as configuration of users, groups, and sharing through the web interface, also we are not supporting upgrading via ipkg or to future versions and there are bugs all over the place. Screenshots of the foonas admin interface can be found here. foonas currently has no set completion date although it could run into 2009.

Platform Support

Supported Soon

  Platform Needs new Bootloader Needs serial access
Buffalo LinkStation HD (MIPSel) Yes No
Buffalo LinkStation HD and Kurobox (PowerPC) Yes No
Buffalo LinkStation HG, HS-DGL and Kurobox HG (PowerPC) Yes No
Buffalo LinkStation LS-GL and HS-DHGL (ARM) No Yes
Kurobox Pro (ARM) No Yes
QNAP TS-109 (ARM) No Yes
QNAP TS-209 (ARM) No Yes
Thecus N2100 (ARM) No No